Gold Coast Swim Stars covers a broad range of swimming levels; baby programs, water safety classes, stroke correction and squad training.


Baby Classes

Gold Coast Swim Stars conducts a three level baby program, beginning with water familiarisation where your baby will explore and become comfortable in water environments and develop a respect for the water.
Your baby’s skills will develop quicker through repetition. Talk to our friendly GCSS team for extra helpful hints you can do at home, even without a pool!

1. & 2. – Angel and Gummy Sharks

At Angel and Gummy Shark levels, we begin conditioning your baby by singing songs, playing games with your baby in the water. basic swimming drills are then introduced, with emphasis on reflex action drills, which are crucial in the early stages as they educate your baby on what to do if they fall in the water. GCSS programs also include floating and rolling drills as these are essential safety skills for your baby to learn.

3. – Wobbegong Sharks

(transition class to Water Safety Levels)

Wobbegong Sharks classes are recommended for two and a half year olds and up who have had previous swimming lessons. Classes cover basic learn-to-swim skills as parents are slowly phased out of the water by building trust between the children and their teacher.


Water Safety Classes

Gaining confidence through various water activities in our three level water safety classes will include: Safe Entry and Exits, Breath Control, Submersion, Floating, Propulsion With Arms and Legs, Turning, Rolling and Back Floating.

1. – White-Tip Reef Shark

(for non-swimmers)
Teaches elementary skills needed to keep your child safe in and around the water.


2. – Black-Tip Reef Sharks

(for the more confident beginner)
Introducing advanced swimming techniques, perfecting the flutter kick and streamlined body position. Children will need a short assessment before being placed into this level.

3. – Silver-Tip Reef Shark

(transition class to Stroke Correction)
Learn lane etiquette, how to start and finish in a lane, while introducing freestyle, streamline back kick, butterfly wiggle, dives and tumble turns.


Stroke Correction Classes

Gold Coast Swim Stars will instruct your child in the skills required to perform all four swimming strokes effectively and efficiently.

1. – Bull Shark

Covers effective freestyle and backstroke, with an introduction to the butterfly and breaststroke kick.

2. – Dusky Shark

Covers freestyle breathing, refined backstroke technique and more focus on breaststroke and butterfly kick.

Gold Coast Swim Stars - Stroke Correction Classes 

3. – Grey Nurse Shark

Covers breaststroke and butterfly as complete strokes. At this level GCSS swimmers are proficient in freestyle and backstroke.


4. – Tiger Shark

Our Tiger Sharks perform advanced drills to refine their strokes and start building the stamina neded at Squad levels.

5. – Mako Shark

(transition class to Squad level)
GCSS Makos perfect each stroke, swim extended sets and learn to swim ‘off the clock’, the final preparation before moving up to Squad.

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